10 Dos and Don'ts of Freelancing: How to Thrive in the Gig Economy

By Ann Gonzales | November 30, 2022

If you’re starting out as a freelancer, it can be difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t do in order to succeed in this gig economy.

So in this article, we’ve collected some dos and don’ts you should consider to run a successful freelancing business. These dos and don’ts will boost your chances of success while also creating the best experience possible for your clients.

Bonus tip: happy clients tend to turn into referrals down the line 😉


Do: Offer a range of services

Do offer a range of services. You don’t want to be an expert at only one thing – it’s too limiting, and you may miss opportunities. Offering a range of services will allow you to gain skills in other areas as well, which will come in handy when one of your other areas of expertise is less in demand. Plus, the more you know, the better service you can provide, the higher you can earn!


Do: Keep your portfolio updated

It’s always a good idea to keep your portfolio up-to-date with the latest work. After all, you never know when you might land that big client, so it’s important to be able to show them a breadth of skills. You don’t want opportunities to slip away, right?

Plus, having an updated portfolio shows that you’re actively working in your field, which is always a plus when looking for clients.


Do: Get involved in your community

To be a successful freelancer, the first rule is to get involved in your community. Getting involved in your freelancer communities is important for finding more work, meeting more people, making more connections, and learning from those who have succeeded before you.

Sometimes, opportunities come from communities and connections, so make sure you’re building and nurturing it by being active and sharing value to your fellow freelancers.

And if you are lucky enough to do well, it is your responsibility to send the elevator back down. Help other freelancers to succeed. It will pay back way faster than what you think.


Do: Stay organized

Organizing your business as a freelancer is the key to success. Having a system for staying on top of all your projects will help you avoid missing deadlines, forgetting important details, and feeling overwhelmed by work. It also saves you time in the long run.

This will also help you manage client expectations because you know how much work you can still add to your plate. Use productivity apps like Notion, Trello, and Asana to name a few.


Do: Prioritize your mental health

Freelancing can be hard on your mental health. In fact, freelancers are at risk for anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns because of the kind of work setup they have. To maintain your mental well-being as a freelancer, it’s important to prioritize self-care.

It is not wrong to take a break and be away from your responsibilities from time to time to give yourself a much needed breather from all the hustle you do in freelancing. So yes, book that trip you’ve been postponing for so long and have fun!


Do: Invest in your education

Investing in your education as a freelancer is a must. Whether you are an entrepreneur, graphic designer, web developer, or any other type of freelancer – know how to do what you’re doing. Not only will it give you more confidence with your work but it’ll also help establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Besides, we are in an ever changing world so continuous learning will give you an edge to thrive better in a freelancing world.

There are loads of online courses out there, about almost anything. Pick one in your field, and upskill so you can have a greater chance to get even better clients / more jobs. 


Don’t: Overwork yourself

As a freelancer, you are your own boss. This means that you have the power to set your own hours, work on projects that interest you, or work with several clients at the same time. But as a freelancer, it’s also up to you to manage your workload and create boundaries around how much work you take on. Be careful not to overwork yourself; an overworked freelancer doesn’t produce quality work or get a good night’s sleep!


Don’t: Underestimate your worth

Always know your worth and don’t underestimate yourself. If you don’t know your own worth, others will set the value for you. Know that you deserve to be paid what you’re worth, so never take a job without negotiating the terms and conditions first.

If a potential client is unwilling to work with your rates, it’s okay to walk away if they won’t budge. Remember: if they can’t afford to pay you what you’re worth, then they can’t afford to hire someone like yourself.


Don’t: Be afraid to ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. As a freelancer, you’re not expected to know everything. Even if it’s a task that you can do yourself, don’t be afraid to ask others for advice on how to do it better or faster. 

You’ll save time, money, and maybe even your sanity by avoiding the stress of trying to figure everything out on your own. By asking, you can also learn a few things that can help you do better in the future.


Don’t: Forget to take care of yourself

If you don’t take care of yourself, it can be very easy to burn out or get sick. Simple habits of standing and walking from time to time can benefit you because it’s also a form of exercise. Look away from your computer every 20 minutes to rest your eyes. These things may be simple but can help you build a habit of taking care of yourself while hustling for your dreams!


Success as a freelancer is about knowing what to do and what not to do. And now that you’ve learned the dos and don’ts of freelancing, you’ll be on the right track to becoming a successful freelancer! So check out goopss.com now for gigs where you can offer your service.