Goopss Fees and Charges

For Freelancers

As a freelancer, you can sign up, create a profile and post gigs all free of charge.

You’ll only have to pay a minimal service fee of 10% for every successful transaction with a client. This covers the administrative fees.

Here’s how it works:

If a buyer booked your service for $500, your freelancer service fee would be 10% of this. Your earnings after fees would be $450.

We do not charge a monthly fee, and we don’t take a minimum fee. So even if you make $5 we will charge just 10% (some other platforms apply a minimum fee, or sliding fees).

For Agencies

The same structure fees as for Freelancers apply. The fees are calculated for all the Freelancers in the Agency, regardless of the number of Freelancers in the Agency.

For Buyers

Buyers also pay a fee of 10% to goopss. With this fee, buyers can find and book talented freelancers that will work for their project and deliver output – fast!

We also have a money back policy.

If you are not satisfied with a service or an output, you are given up to 3 revisions for projects that you booked. Then we will intervene to make sure it’s done properly.

If even after revisions and us intervening, you are still not satisfied, you’ll get your money back

Goopss Payment Channels

For Freelancers

Goopss has two options for releasing freelancer payment – PayPal or Payoneer.

Once a project is marked completed by a buyer, the platform releases the payment within 24 hours. However, it can take up to a few days before the seller receives it depending on the processing time of the payment channel they’ve chosen.

For example, Payoneer’s processing takes 2-5 business days.

So, if we released your payment on a Monday, you can expect it in your Payoneer balance by Wednesday onwards.

Read more about it here:


For PayPal, you need to meet the following criteria for you to withdraw your fund successfully:

  • Complete a minimum of 5 transactions;
  • Transactions amounting to US$100; and
  • Be a PayPal merchant for at least 60 days.


These criteria came from PayPal. The 5 transactions and the US$100 can be from different channels/senders (i.e. not only from goopss).

Read more about it here:

For Buyers

Buyers have the option to pay for a service using their PayPal or credit card. We ask our buyers to make sure the job is completed and to approve it (or ask for revisions) within 24 hours.

We know it’s fast, but we’re a fast freelancing platform after all. 🙂 Our Freelancers did their part to work fast, now it’s the Buyer’s turn to approve the job fast.