About Us

Goopss, an Israeli startup, was born from a simple idea: Etsy sellers are incredibly talented but sometimes need extra help. As entrepreneurs with years of experience in e-commerce platforms, especially Etsy, our mission is to be hands-on, taking care of your store and making all the adjustments needed for success.

What We Offer:

Consider us your store’s dedicated partner. We work hands-on, making adjustments to help your store stand out, simplifying digital marketing, and ensuring tech is a breeze. We’re here for ongoing support, making your Etsy journey not just successful but enjoyable too.

Our Impact:

Join the growing community of successful Etsy stores with hundreds of happy customers who have chosen goopss. We’re not just a service; we’re a startup here to help Etsy stores thrive. Join us in making your Etsy store a success!

The Founders: 

Erez Marchini and Jonathan Prezman, share a similar story. Erez, with his extensive experience in various online stores and recognition as an e-commerce influencer, observed the struggles that talented crafters faced in navigating the basics of online selling. On the other side, Jonathan, with a background in scaling startups and hands-on experience in the tech scene, witnessed the challenges of launching and growing businesses.

Motivated by these insights, Erez and Jonathan are dedicated to revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape. They take pride in the vibrant community of users, partners, and satisfied customers they’ve built at goopss, all united by the mission to empower Etsy sellers and e-commerce ventures.

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