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Israel faces economic challenges due to the war since October 7th, 2023. Small shops are struggling, and we’re here to help. Our platform connects you with local businesses, where purchasing not only gets you quality merchandise but also supports Israel’s economic resilience. From traditional crafts to toys and jewelry, there’s something for everyone. Let’s make a positive impact together – your shopping helps Israelis rebuild the Israeli economy.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Supporting Small Businesses in Israel


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Welcome to Angry Veggies, where veggies defy stereotypes and empower you to embrace your uniqueness! Join our vibrant veggie revolution with bold fashion pieces like hoodies, shoes, tees, hats, and more. Celebrate individuality, break free from expectations, and let’s revolutionize together! 🥕🌽🥦

Dikla Levsky Design

Original printed silk scarves and accessories from designer Dikla Levsky.
From hand drawn sketches to beautiful printed textiles!


Welcome to RONIT HATS studio
We design headbands and hats for women who love fashion.
We also offer fascinator hats for weddings, mother of bride hat, head cover for shabat, and for any special occasion.

– All our items are handmade
– High Quality
– Express delivery
– All items are carefully packed

Lea Ben Arye

Jewelry and eco printing botanical print silk scarves.

millinery world

unique millinery brand, hand made hats for women and for men


Welcome to Dreamoments,
Discover timeless elegance and unique designs at our store. From luxurious luggage covers to vibrant area rugs and thoughtful Shabbat essentials, we curate artistic treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, our products blend modern aesthetics with tradition. Elevate your lifestyle with every purchase. Welcome to a world where art meets functionality. ✨🛍️

Chapeau and Chantilly

Chapeau and Chantilly hats are a beautiful collection of handmade hats, available in a variety of colors and designs.
Our collection includes wool hats, straw hats, and elegant fascinators. If you’re searching for a hat or headpiece in a specific design or color, we customize our collection as well


Beyond trends, find forever – be om jewelry are sculpted serenity, crafted for the unique you.

Shablool Marbled Art

Dive into the mesmerizing world of the ancient marbling artistry at ShabloolMarbledArt on Etsy! Embrace the beauty of handmade marbled creations and discover a symphony of colors and patterns crafted into exquisite silk scarves, chic note cards, elegant placemats, and enchanting jewelry boxes.


Studio that creates Unique Crochet Cloche Hat and Baby Accessories.

PIGZ store

Hand made ceramic piggy banks and more

Sara Attali Design

Lovely & Unique Head Coverings, Tichels, Headscarfs & Accessories.

Welcome to Sara Attali’s Design Shop!
If you are looking for interesting and gorgeous, you have come to the right place!!

Comfortable fabrics and beautiful colors are Sara’s priority.

Our service is fast and our products are of


Immersed in natural light, our atelier is where passion and dedication converge to create bracelets, necklaces, and rings that transcend the ordinary. Every day, our skilled artisans infuse their expertise and energy into designs that go beyond mere accessories. Each piece narrates a story….


Headwear designer.
Israeli blue and white boutique production.

Oriz sea boutique

Fedora hats
Straw hats
Beach clothes, kimono

Waterdew jewelry

Alternative jewelry and hair accessories

sand and camels

We’re Sand and Camels and we’re here to put some color into your day. from the Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv. We make unique headwear essentials for urban people.

Our products feature bold colors, surprising themes and are made to perfection –
so our community enjoys showing them off as much as we

Tabona Jewelry

Little private studio for creating Silver & Stone jewelry for creativity people


★ Welcome to Atli Art, where you will find a creative and colorful array of fabric accessories ★

Albertine Jewelry

Albertine is a jewelry brand for the modern woman.
Elegant and minimalistic, all the pieces are made in noble materials such as gold and silver.
Albertine’s studio is located in Tel Aviv, and everything is handmade.

Mi Blushe

Hello! In our shop you will find handmade stationary, customized gifts and accessories.


My name is Keren and I am a mother and an artist. I discovered my passion for leather work and tooling 16 years ago. After I graduated, Keren Hand Made was born. Each piece made by my hand for each one of you and got lots of attention & love.

Yael cohen costume

דמיון קודם למציאות.
אם חולמים – מגלים שכל דמיון יכול להפוך למציאות מופלאה!
יעל כהן, חייה ונושמת אופנה ואומנות. מייצרת תחפושות ושמלות בעבודת יד מעל עשור ובונה עולם קסום של חלומות והגשמה לילדים!
כשאני מתחילה לעצב אני עוצמת עיניים, פותחת את דלת הקסמים הכבדה ונופלת לעולם קסום שמתעורר לחיים, זיכרונות יקר

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