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Israel faces economic challenges due to the war since October 7th, 2023. Small shops are struggling, and we’re here to help. Our platform connects you with local businesses, where purchasing not only gets you quality merchandise but also supports Israel’s economic resilience. From traditional crafts to toys and jewelry, there’s something for everyone. Let’s make a positive impact together – your shopping helps Israelis rebuild the Israeli economy.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Supporting Small Businesses in Israel


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I am a painter, sculptor, digital designer. I’m a multidisciplinary plastic artist from Ashdod. I create original works using a variety of techniques, from different materials. My works are exhibited in various countries and are also located in private, public and bank collections.


Painted stones for home or office decor, therapeutic uses such as mindfulness practice, grounding and stress relief and for inspiration. All stones are hand made with love, in Israel.

Custom Pop Art

Modern art, graffiti hand painted large Chamsas, Cellphone covers, Judaic art prints and gifts. My studio store is in Raanana.

Belokonenko Artworks

Prints, mugs, as well as the original paintings of Tatiana Belokonenko

Mao Creatures

Minimalistic Polymer Clay Kawaii Figurines
custom orders and lots of cute creatures 🙂
located in Tel Aviv, Israel

Hearty Arty Creations

Colorful and sweet Handmade Ornaments and contemporary Judaica creations, made of various materials, lots of love and colors, my intentions are to bring you something that will make your heart bigger and your smile wider whenever you sees it.

Art Wall Prints Studio

Discover chic digital art at Art Wall Prints Studio. Elevate your space with contemporary sophistication, seamlessly blending nature-inspired designs. Redefine your home with our gallery-quality prints.

Design by Raz Store

Digital art prints for immediate download, POD – wall décor and more stuff.

PIGZ store

Hand made ceramic piggy banks and more

CityKat Stories

CityKat Stories is an ‘Ira Giznburg’ in-house initiative, where we create designs and illustrations by combining observations of everyday life with an easy-going and humorous energy.


Unique Judiaca art from Jerusalem made of Pebbles


My name is RONI TSROR I’m an artist painter and entrepreneur in recent years I have developed a unique technique I paint on beads, and then I enlarge the work to large dimensions, from a minimalist work in miniature size, the result is a work that leads the viewer to new plays of fantasy imagination, color games, each and every one can connect to their own story from the piece. .


original paintings, each bursting with color and crafted with a variety of dynamic techniques.
Discover more than just paintings! Explore a variety of related products featuring prints of my original artwork. From prints on accessories to decorative pieces, bring the essence of vibrant and colorful art into your everyday life

Hadar Design

Meaningful Personalized Custom Made Pasuk Art and stationery for Gifts, Smachot and Decor. Perfect for Brit, Brita and nursery. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Anniversaries and birthdays. Gifts for Literally any 0ccasion!


Intricate wood wall art made in the Galilee.


In my Etsy shop, you can discover a diverse range of handmade art items, including sculptures of animals like cats, hedgehogs frogs, and more. Moreover, there is also home decor art such as hamsas, signs, and mobiles. All crafted by hand and painted manually using high-quality materials.
You are welcome to visit the store, which is constantly refreshed with new and unique items almost every day.


I design and create bold, distinctive and functional Judaica, platters and bowls from fused glass. My unique and vibrant Judaica collection adds a modern flair to Jewish traditions. These handcrafted artistic pieces make wonderful wedding, engagement and hostess gifts.


I create handmade Jewish calligraphy art including Ketubahs, blessings, proverbs, Bible verses, and personalized artworks. My designs are crafted with joy, color, and inspiration.

My products include:
• Hand-drawn originals
• High-quality scans optimized for artists (Jerusalem Fine Art Print)
• Fine art prints


📜 Welcome to my haven of literary elegance! 🖋️
Discover curated apparel, wall art, and digital designs blending timeless quotes from poets with verses from scripture. 🕊️ Embrace the simplicity of black and white aesthetics, where every piece is a nod to antiquity. 📖
Explore our collection and adorn your life with the grace of bookish finds and scripture goods. ✨


My name is Keren and I have been designing for over 20 years.
My studio has existed with great love for 14 years.
I draw my inspiration from nature and Judaism
and from the connection between the spiritual and the physical.


I am a watercolor artist
Original paintings and prints in the shop,


Welcome to my Etsy shop, where you can find a stunning collection of original watercolor and acrylic paintings, as well as wall art prints on fine art paper and high-quality canvas. Each piece is a unique creation, carefully crafted to bring beauty and inspiration into your home.


Printable Wall Art ♥ Nursery Prints ♥ World Map

Hi, I’m Noa, in my Etsy shop you will find a collection of high-quality original illustrations that are perfect for children’s rooms, playrooms and more. Each piece is hand-drawn and painted with love and care, making each one truly unique.

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