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Israel faces economic challenges due to the war since October 7th, 2023. Small shops are struggling, and we’re here to help. Our platform connects you with local businesses, where purchasing not only gets you quality merchandise but also supports Israel’s economic resilience. From traditional crafts to toys and jewelry, there’s something for everyone. Let’s make a positive impact together – your shopping helps Israelis rebuild the Israeli economy.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Supporting Small Businesses in Israel


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Your Source for Handcrafted Apple Accessories and More.


Welcome to Angry Veggies, where veggies defy stereotypes and empower you to embrace your uniqueness! Join our vibrant veggie revolution with bold fashion pieces like hoodies, shoes, tees, hats, and more. Celebrate individuality, break free from expectations, and let’s revolutionize together! 🥕🌽🥦

Tracey Lipman

Tracey Lipman designs and personally creates fabulously functional purses and wallets from a range of gorgeous fabrics. With attention to detail and a clever design you are sure to find a purse or wallet you will love the look of as much as you will love using


My bags are all vegan; I use faux leather and lovely, soft, durable poly canvas fabrics with wonderful prints. Some designs start with the shape and I find the perfect fabrics to fit them and others, start with a print and the bag is built all around it. All my bags are individually hand-sewn.

Lydia Rener

My brand includes Bags; Backpacks; Small Purses and Scarves.
All products are Handmade and Vegan; I have a Local Workshop in Tel aviv where I design and produce all items


Welcome to Tiktikim. My name is Dalia. Here you can find a collection of individual handmade bags and wallets. They are created with love and careful attention to detail for your daily wear and comfort.
I live on a kibbutz in northern Israel .


Welcome to My brand Specializing in designing
handbags & purses handmade.
I have a huge passion for creating Handbags, Wallets & Accessories.
One of the leading ideas behind my handbag and purse design is a fluid and asymmetric design combined with functionality.
I offer a large selection of purses and handbags in various colors and styles designed handmade by me with a lot of love.
My collection

Lee Coren

Introducing the vegan bags and wallets designed to lighten your days and bring joy and beauty into them. 100% vegan, handcrafted in Israel, screen printed with Lee Coren’s original designs inspired by world travel.


Luxury Handmade Fabric Bags, Purses, Cases & Pouches.

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