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Israel faces economic challenges due to the war since October 7th, 2023. Small shops are struggling, and we’re here to help. Our platform connects you with local businesses, where purchasing not only gets you quality merchandise but also supports Israel’s economic resilience. From traditional crafts to toys and jewelry, there’s something for everyone. Let’s make a positive impact together – your shopping helps Israelis rebuild the Israeli economy.

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nurit jewelry gifts

Welcome to my jewelry world.
My name is Nurit, I am a goldsmith and designer handmade unique jewelry, made with lots of love in sterling silver, gold-filled, 22k gold plated and gemstones.
Explore timeless jewelry gifts designs, rings, necklaces and earrings that any women will love to wear.


In my store, you can find unique pieces of handmade glass bead jewelry.
My collection includes lampworked necklaces, statement rings, Colorful bracelets, and dangling earrings in a wide variety of rich colors and translucent beads.
All pieces are lightweight and you can feel comfortable to wear it.


Silk Jewelry are really made from silk…
❤️ Abramson Gallery ❤️ is a small workshop in Old Jaffa Tel Aviv. 🥰 Inna Abramson creates handmade silk jewelry in a wide range of colors using pearls and crystals.
The necklace looks like gold or silver but actually there is no metal at all.
🇺🇲 Shipping to the USA is free

Studio Langeron

Jewelry making supplies from silver, gold filled, gold

Tabona Jewelry

Little private studio for creating Silver & Stone jewelry for creativity people


In my shop you can find basic, classic and trendy chain jewelry.
I craft all jewelry in my home studio in the center of Tel-aviv.
I hope you find what you are looking for.
Gil Pashut

Magic Tuch Jewelry

We in Magic Touch specialize in a perfect match between the customer’s desire, and the most appropriate jewely
The raw materials are meticulously selected and collected from all over the world to the Holy Land of Israel


Unique jewelry made from a variety of high quality raw materials: including silver, crystal beads, pearls and gemstones. Alongside traditional silversmith work, you can find jewelry made from interweaving beads using various complex beading techniques.

Einat Sandberg Jewelry

Unique fine jewelry, handmade knitting with gold wire and gemstones. Statement Jewelry for unforgettable looks, bridal jewelry, Judaica

Closeupjewelry by Tamar Gal

Minimalist and modern handmade jewelry for women and men


Handmade home decor, Judaic art and beautiful jewelry

Hi, I am Cami Franco, the journey I took since I started designing jewelry over 18 years ago as a part of a personal evolution process and is also a reflection of my small physical shop in Rishon Letzion which I established together with my sister- Sarah our creations combines artistry, creativity, beauty and magic all one place.


Welcome to my shop of designed and clean-shaped jewelry. In my shop, you can
find 18k gold jewelry, Sterling silver statement rings, wire crochet jewelry combined with 18k elements, oriental pendants with gemstones, and more.


Unique handcrafted sophisticated statement jewelry for the modern woman.
Handmade jewelry made from sterling silver, goldfilled and gold.

Layani Fine Jewelry

LAYANI Fine Jewelry is a celebration of nature. The finest of earth’s materials blended into elegant shapes that create harmony
Our jewelry is created with a combination of 18K gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and exquisite natural pearls. Every piece has a unique story and vision.

True Love Jewelry Ltd

Welcome to True Love Jewelry, where every piece is crafted with passion in the heart of Israel. I’m Carmel, a seasoned diamond jeweler, dedicated to creating extraordinary moments with our natural, earth-mined diamond collection. Explore our stunning rings, pendants, earrings, and tennis bracelets,

Tzufit Moshel

Embrace the essence of empowerment through my exquisite spiritual jewelry collection. Each piece is a profound symbol of strength and enlightenment. Embrace the transformative energy of my spiritual jewelry—more than adornments, they are catalysts for personal empowerment.
Enjoy the journey!

R&S Jewelry

My name is Sagi and I am a jeweller and diamond setter.
All jewelry is created by me with great attention to every detail, using only the most high quality materials.
You are welcome to visit my Etsy shop and contact me for any jewellery you would like to have.

Thank you for your support


I make and crafted my jewelry and all my items with high quality materials that can be last for years of wear with care. I use 14k gold filled, 925 sterling silver and extremely high quality Gold or silver Plated (over Brass) metals whenever possible to maintain the quality of my work.

Margaret Krinetz

Gold and Diamond Jewelry
Custom Design Services

Silly Shiny Diamonds

Judaica fine jewelry. Alternative engagement rings, exeptional design fine jewelry. Est 2010 by Shanie Zak.
It is located at the Israel Diamond Exchange. Each item is handmade and custom-made for each client. Each item is brand new. All inquiries, please email us at


My store reflects my love of nature via my handmade jewelry and wall art. My botanical prints are made to bring trees & flowers to your home and fractures of those are also embedded in necklaces combined with gemstones. My jewelry are made from beads, clay, glass creating a unique artistic picture.


Handmade fine Jewelry using solid gold, sterling silver and semi-precious gems & Handmade Judaica using sterling silver, copper and brass. designed and made in Israel by Amalia

Meital bar jewelry

Hi, I’m meital bar from Tel Aviv.
I make handmade jewelry from gold and silver.
I specialize in personal engraving, and wedding rings.


Hello! My name is Nitzan Tovi, the artist behind a small boutique business in Tel Aviv specializing design of jewelry. Drawing inspiration from Gothic aesthetics, my Etsy store invites you to immerse yourself in a collection that embodies my distinct style.

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