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Israel faces economic challenges due to the war since October 7th, 2023. Small shops are struggling, and we’re here to help. Our platform connects you with local businesses, where purchasing not only gets you quality merchandise but also supports Israel’s economic resilience. From traditional crafts to toys and jewelry, there’s something for everyone. Let’s make a positive impact together – your shopping helps Israelis rebuild the Israeli economy.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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Supporting Small Businesses in Israel


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Living abroad and searching for books in Hebrew?
You have come to the right place!
Welcome to our online books store, We offer a wide variety of books in the Hebrew language for all ages
We ship worldwide!

Mila Language

We offer printable materials by speech-language pathologists for children’s language development, spanning toddlers to school age. Our resources, covering diverse topics, enhance the parent-child relationship and cater to parents and professionals seeking educational and developmental assistance.


I am graphic designer.
I design printable download files. Weekly, bookmarks, bookplates, greeting cards, posters.

Also i have site that show my educational placemats for kids


TIMO-HANDMADE is a small artisanal design line.
Sewn with an eye for detail and a feel for fabric, each and every item is one of a kind.

Yael cohen costume

דמיון קודם למציאות.
אם חולמים – מגלים שכל דמיון יכול להפוך למציאות מופלאה!
יעל כהן, חייה ונושמת אופנה ואומנות. מייצרת תחפושות ושמלות בעבודת יד מעל עשור ובונה עולם קסום של חלומות והגשמה לילדים!
כשאני מתחילה לעצב אני עוצמת עיניים, פותחת את דלת הקסמים הכבדה ונופלת לעולם קסום שמתעורר לחיים, זיכרונות יקר

Gecko montessori

Montessori materials in Hebrew
And an Unick Israel Montessori Pazel map


Little Tiny Thing by LitaliaD
Miniature Dollhouse Store


The store Boobalach features a variety of colorful handmade sock puppets in several categories; among which are animals, boys and girls, dragons and unicorns.


MyKangooBox is the first family well being subscription box that delivers to your door all the material needed for a fun and educational activity aimed at strengthening the bond between parents and children.

No need to prep, no need to rush shopping for material, everything is included in the box.

Designed and created by a positive psychology expert (MAPP) in Jerusalem

In partnership with Liran Weiss​, a globally recognized influencer and expert in online eCommerce, guides thousands of stores and is the creator of the largest Israeli Etsy Sellers Community.